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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I place my order?+-
Right now. Your order is placed on our production schedule as soon as you place the order. To guarantee a spot on the schedule we recommend you place your order at least 3 months before your date. Shorter time frames may be possible, please phone us for availability. Up until 2 weeks before your date you can alter your choices.
I can't decide on a cake flavor can I place my order anyway?+-
Sure! We can add your choice for cake flavor onto your order whenever you decide.
How many servings should I order?+-
The tradition of wedding cake is that it is a shared blessing between the bride and groom and their guests. One slice per guest is sufficient. The top tier is not considered in the serving, that is for you to take home and save for your first anniversary.
I'm not sure yet how many people I will have at my wedding yet, how do I calculate what to order?+-
Please give us a reasonable estimate of how many people you are expecting. 2 weeks before your date we will confirm your order and at that time you can adjust the size of the cake.
When is the cake delivered?+-
We will coordinate with your venue to arrange for convenient delivery.
Is there a minimum order?+-
We can accommodate any number of guests. Cupcakes and Pastries require a 2 dozen minimum.
How far do you deliver?+-
We deliver within a 100 mile radius of the Phoenix Metro Area.
How much of a deposit is required?+-
A non-refundable deposit of $150 is required to hold your wedding date.
When is final payment due?+-
Two weeks before the event you will receive a final confirmation phone call. All details will be reviewed and the final payment will be calculated. The final payment will be due at that time.
Can I taste the cakes?+-
Yes! Schedule your appointment today!
I am thinking of a small display cake and sheet cake on the side, will you do that?+-
At La Dolce Pesca a sheet cake is the same price per serving as the display cake.
I have dietary concerns, are you able to accommodate me?+-
Please contact us with your concerns and we would be happy to serve you.
How many tiers would my cake be?+-
The number of servings you require will determine the number of tiers the cake will be. Servings of 50-100 = 3 tiered cake Servings of 100-200 = 4 tiered cake Servings of 200-300 = 5 tiered cake Servings of 300-400 = 6 tiered cake
What's the difference between fondant and buttercream?+-
Fondant: A sugar dough that is molded over the cake creating a clean porcelain look. Butter cream: A Swiss meringue butter cream with a delicate taste and slightly off white color.
Can I have buttercream on a hot day??+-
If you are having your wedding in a temperature controlled environment, absolutely. If you are planning an outdoor reception you may opt for fondant.